London lifestyle photographer at Saint Aymes - London’s most beautiful cafe | ft. Taylor Toro

Saint Aymes, oh Saint Aymes.. 

Following on from my previous post where I blogged all about my session with the amazing writer that is Samantha Kilford at Library London (which you can view here!), it was only natural that there would be more posts about pretty places in London. (Emily, am I sensing an underlying pattern?) Situated just a few minutes walk from the infamous Hyde Park in Central London and dubbed ‘the prettiest cafe in London,’ Saint Aymes really is one of those places which makes your jaw drop and automatically ups your Instagram game. Check out their Instagram page here if you don’t believe me! 


When Taylor reached out to me and told me she wanted to shoot at Saint Aymes, I was ALL EARS.  As a London lifestyle photographer, I have photographed in the prettiest of places all over this city. Saint Aymes being one of them! 

Taylor and I met on a not-so-sleepy Sunday morning at Saint Aymes, where it was already bustling and filled with lovers of pretty aesthetic alike. We immediately bonded over our instantaneous love of the beauty that is Saint Aymes, and the overall dedication to all things pink and whimsical. Damn it, pay this place a visit and you’ll know what I’m babbling on about. We spoke all things blog and London related - Taylor is a San Diego based blogger, and she runs her own blog which you should check out here!


Together, we munched on red velvet cake and sipped on the unicorn frappe which had or had not been purchased as props to add that little oomph for our photoshoot (shh!) It tasted as great as it looked - does Saint Aymes disappoint at all? It’s not a wonder they are named ‘the most instagrammable cafe in London.’ And believe me - as a London photographer, I can easily vouch for this. 


My obsession with florals and pinks has without doubt been exacerbated as a photographer in London, but hey, I’m not one to complain. And when you don’t think anything could possibly top your Saint Aymes experience, the icing on top the (red velvet) cake has got to be the (incredibly aesthetically pleasing and insta worthy) area that surrounds the cafe. Taylor and I mooched around Connaught Village after indulging on some of the best red velvet cake I’ve ever had, before snapping some shots by a nearby mews with some of the prettiest homes ever! 


We also snapped some shots in the infamous red phone booths, unique and iconic to London. Being a London lifestyle photographer, and being a native born Londoner, I know this city. And boy, do I have to scope out every single red phone booth by giving it a good old sniff inside. You never know - I’m not making my new friend walk into a pee or vomit infested phone booth, that’s for sure!


An hour goes by so quick, especially when you’re having such a great time. From pretending to be Taylor’s paparazzi (true story - some guys in the cafe next door believed us for about 4 seconds!) to making new friends at Saint Aymes, it was a blast. I’ve definitely overshared this session, but hey, am I really a London photographer if I don’t instashare my paps from London’s most beautiful cafe: Saint Aymes?