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I care. Truly, I do. I care about your experience with me, how comfortable
you look + feel, what makes you who you really are…

I am more than just a girl with a camera. I am a human who happens to loves humans unconditionally, the one that cares. And that’s why I care you,
+ everyone involved, so so much. It truly matters the most to me.

I’m not about those awkward prom poses because let’s be honest, they suck
and you’re better than that. There’ll be no awkward and stiff poses. Pinky
promise. It juuust so happened I brought my camera along + we’re just
hanging out as good friends. I’ll tell you if you have hair in your face. I’ll tell
you if your tags are sticking out from your top, or if your lipstick has smudged slightly. I’ll rearrange the shot if there’s trash on the floor, or if
the plant pots don’t look cute from that angle. Because I care.

As your photographer/cinematographer/friend, I want you to know that I am here to make you feel + look beautiful. I promise to capture you for you, all the
genuine stuff when you didn’t think I caught.. Tell me your story + let’s go make some history + create something out of this world beautiful.



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I loovvve the crazy hustle + bustle of London which I’m so lucky to call home + I also travel loads because of my job which I am truly so grateful for. I’ve been doing this photography thing for a while now, + from the bottom of my heart, it is truly what makes my heart full + content. Seeing your faces light up from the art we have made together makes my heart so warm and fuzzy. I am so grateful. And I’m here for it.

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About Me

Heeeey! I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Emily - a city girl born, raised + based in London. Adventurous weddings, lifestyle + branding photography are my jam + incase you haven’t realised, baby pink is my fave colour (which accidentally became my brand colour but that’s another story). You’ll probably never ever meet anyone who loves pastel coloured planners + stationery as much as I do. Seriously. I live for them. I also have long dark hair which straightens when I curl it + straightens before + after I do anything to it.

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When I’m not shooting or editing your photos, you’ll either find me in a super cute boujee cafe like Peggy Porschen or I’ll be in jogging bottoms + hoodie in my home office. Honestly, there’s no in between. Or I’ll probably be lounging around China Town in Leicester Square at a Boba house, or slurping Ramen at an indie pop-up. There’s that too.

I’m Emily, + I was born to create. Wherever you are, let me create for you.



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How do I book? I’d love for you to be our Photographer!

Is the reservation fee / retainer refundable?

How do you accept payment?

Can I have unedited versions of the photographs or the RAWS?

How many images can we expect from our wedding / photoshoot?

Can we have all our photos from our photoshoot?

How long until we see our photos?

How do we pick photo locations for our shoot?

How far can you travel for our shoot? What about for our wedding?

Can we order prints of your images or does that cost extra?

Can we bring our dog? Can we bring beer to our shoot?


Hey! Fire me an email emztography@gmail.com, we’ll have a chat + I’ll send you the contract, your invoice + all that jazz. Woop!

No unfortunately not! The non-refundable retainer is there to lock your date in, and is a pinky promise that I won’t book any sessions/weddings at the time we are scheduled for.

For weddings, I require a 50% non-refundable retainer at booking to secure your spot. The remaining is due three weeks prior.

For shoots, I require a 50% non-refundable retainer at booking to secure your spot. The remaining is due two weeks prior.

I accept payment via PayPal + bank transfer.

Sorry! No unedited photographs will be released. This is to prevent myself from theft of photographs. And hey, you’re hiring me for my style and editing and I’m sure you’ll love the final edits so much you won’t need the RAWS!

For weddings, it really depends on the package! Say, for full day coverage (8 hours)- you’ll get no less than 350 photographs compared to 250 photographs for 6 hours coverage.

You’ll get up to 5 ‘sneak peek’ photographs because I know that excited feeling and I want y’all to know you have some bomb pics on the way whilst I edit them all.

For photoshoots, again, you’ll have the option of opting for different packages. For my most basic package, you’ll get all 5 images + for my most premium package, you’ll be able to upgrade + purchase all the photos in your gallery!

You’ll have the option of upgrading + purchasing the entire gallery!

For sessions I usually ask you to patiently wait 30 days. For weddings I ask you to wait 60 days. As your photos will be curated and processed with love and I know you’re going to love them.

I’ll send you my bespoke location brochures of the most beautiful locations. This ranges from lakes and forests to London skylines and cityscapes - if you see a location there that takes your fancy, we can totally shoot there! If nothing pops, that’s okay, too.

For weddings, I will give you a custom quote if you are are over 10 miles away from Embankment station. I truly love travelling + will totally travel to where you are.

For shoots, I will travel a maximum of 5 miles from Embankment station. Anything over that proximity will be charged a travel fee + I will give toy a custom quote. Totally worth it for a bomb location!

Of course you can! Costs will vary with size.

Of course you can. Bring your pup, your lucky charms- you name it! I want you to be comfortable and in your element. I will totally snuggle your doggos and give them hella attention and probably try to take them back home with me.