London Lifestyle Photographer at Library London | Samantha Kilford

‘I want to shoot in Library members club London - we're allowed to use as much of the place as we need and I want to hire you 100%’

This is pretty much music to any London lifestyle photographer’s dream. For instance - have you seen the cocktail bar?! 


Of course, I had done my preliminary research on the location - situated in the heart of London’s west-end amongst some of my favourite theatres, I was intrigued and beyond excited. I remember asking Sam to double confirm that I had the correct location by sending me the address. It was lush! 


Meeting Sam and her mother Norma for the first time, I could instantly tell they were the best of friends. It’s the kind of friendship and relationship that is indestructible, a force to be reckoned with. Curious about why Sam chose this (albeit stunning) location, I quickly learnt that Sam was a book reviewer with a focus on literature and lifestyle related content, frequently posting on her blog- which you should check out here! 

The three of us roamed around Library London, marvelling at the incredible architecture and the Instagrammable aesthetics of the place. There were ‘oo’s’ and ‘ahh’s’ every so often, and understandably so. Naturally as a photographer in London, I’ve photographed in the most beautiful of places - rooftops, skylines, and all that London (and beyond!) has to offer, but nothing quite like the private members club that is Library London.


Library London is a prestigious private members only club, ”a place set apart to contain books, periodicals, and other material for reading, viewing, listening, study,” laid out as a collaborative co-working space. Set with a bar, cafe and other great facilities, you could easily spend an entire day here cozied up on a couch and a book. Growing up, I had been the biggest bookworm. Now, studying A-level English Literature ruined the prospect of me ever picking up a book again (sorry Miss, you’re a great teacher, it’s just the wretched curriculum!) but a girl can appreciate a good book. 

Chatting about travels and life and career plans, I was enjoying myself way too much, and suddenly the session was over and I was waving goodbye to my new friends. This happens way too often as a London lifestyle photographer - with many of my clients going on to become life long friends. I couldn’t think of any career I’d rather pursue than as a photographer in London - this crazy and incredible city that I get to call home. 

Also a very special thank you to Library London for having us!


Sam also wrote about our time in Library London which you should definitely check out here! 

‘I’ll be back in London soon!’ 

And Sam kept her promise. Not even a month or so later, I get a little beep on my phone - ‘are you free 25th for a shoot?’ 


More to tell in my next few posts and how we ended up in maccies on a Saturday evening at 1am! 

Your photographer + videographer

Emily xx