Intimate Wedding Elopement in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh | Abbie & Akin

Alternative and documentary wedding photographer in Edinburgh - Holyrood Park Wedding Elopement - Abbie & Akin.

It was a cold, borderline freezing, Tuesday in Edinburgh. Holyrood Park to be exact.

With an incredible team of wedding vendors, we braved the Scottish weather, setting off to Holyrood Park which lies a stones through away from Edinburgh’s historic city centre. Well, we ordered an uber there.

The view, when we arrived, was second to none. ‘Breathtaking’, were the exact words I blurted out to the party. As an alternative wedding photographer in Edinburgh and Scotland, I’m at my happiest amongst the most beautiful of sceneries - I was itching to set up my camera gear and start photographing my boho couple here!

The skies filled with dark clouds. This was so typical of the British/Scottish weather, of course. ‘Almost like a gloomier London’, I must’ve exchanged. But this did not stop us. Nothing could get in the way, and as a wedding photographer in Edinburgh, I came prepared: several layers under my jacket and best of all, my camera equipment was waterproof. And coffee. Lots of it.

Abbie had her makeup done by the lovely Siobhan, going for an au-natural look for her elopement. Hair adorned with Alexandra Bespoke’s bridal accessories, Abbie completely rocked the alternative bride look. Unbridaled Boutique kindly provided two wedding gowns from their collection for the uncommon and alternative bride, including the Carla & Cape by made with love bridal and the Jumpsuit and overskirt gown.

We walked through Holyrood Park, finding the best spots whilst also fighting the torrential-like weather of Edinburgh. We truly created some of my best work to date and I am so so excited to share. You can view them as you scroll down this blog post! The elopement was super relaxed and intimate. Abbie and Akin were super carefree and incredible to work with! They were both relaxed and laid back, going with the flow and taking all my suggestions onboard. You guys rock!

A huge, huge thank you to my incredible team for pulling off this dreamy destination elopement in Edinburgh, in the mountains!

Abbie, you were every bit of a beautiful bride. The way you braved the weather was incredible and you looked gorgeous amidst the dark clouds in the grounds of Holyrood Park.

Akin, I loved hearing about your modelling journey and hearing about your hometown and how hot it was compared to Edinburgh. I wish you all the best!

Jo (Photographer’s assistant) - thank you for being my right hand and fetching me batteries whenever they ran out. And for getting last minute props we needed!

Siobhan (Makeup artist), you totally aced the au-natural vibes, and you complimented Abbie’s makeup to the location so freaking well.

Alexandra Bespoke (Bridal accessories)- your bridal accessories are truly stunning. I was blown away by how gorgeous and intricate they were, and they are picture perfect. View Alexandra’s collection here!

Unbridaled Boutique (Wedding dress)- thank you Emily from Unbridaled for providing us with the most beautiful of dresses. View their collections here!

And if anyone is thinking of eloping or getting married in Edinburgh, Scotland or wherever, count me in. As a Destination wedding photographer, I am only an email away from creating some magic with you. Let’s create something beautiful, something meaningful, like we did from this Scottish elopement. Lets be friends. Enjoy the photos.

- Emily from Emztography Photo + Video xoxo