Behind The Scenes Photographer at The Bunker Theatre, London | Caspa Arts

Behind The Scenes and Stage Photographer in London, specialising in the candid moments in West-end Theatre - Caspa Arts.

As an avid west end and theatre goer and lover, whenever I get to experience theatre is such an exciting prospect, let alone photographing it.

On a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon, I rolled into The Bunker Theatre within walking distance of London Bridge underground station. The Bunker Theatre is an intimate and not-for-profit theatre which does not receive public subsidy - click here to volunteer and be a part of the team (and magic) which goes behind running everything! There are incredible perks and opportunities to be fully trained and equipped to work in such a lovely space!

I was warmly welcomed by Michelle Payne, the Artistic Director of Caspa Arts which is a London-based acting school. The students of Caspa Arts were teching/rehearsing for their performance later on in the evening- a packed out show at The Bunker Theatre.

I got to see the whole cast perform before getting out my camera to snap their social media photos for advertising, which gave me such a great insight on their show ‘Almost Paradise,’ as a behind the scenes Photographer. The theatre lover within me couldn’t help but enjoy the show whilst also working (photographing!), laughing along whilst witnessing the immense talent amongst the cast. Seeing Michelle in action and shining as a writer and director was truly incredible - it is so clear why all the students adore her. Michelle has just finished debuting on stage and performing her one woman play ‘Sad About the Cows’ at Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden (21st - 25th May 2019), in the heart of West- end. Pretty dang cool if you ask me.

Every single day, I am truly so grateful that my job not only involves so much travel which ties in so well as a travelling and destination photographer, but being a London Photographer has also brought me so many insane and amazing opportunities which I would not trade for the world.

‘THAT WAS SO HARD (choosing)! I absolutely love them!!! Thank you so much!!! Xxx’ - Michelle Payne

Emily from Emztography Photo + Video Collective xxx